What Does an Arborist Do? How Exactly Can They Help?

Many Fort Walton Beach, FL, residents believe landscapers and arborists are the same. However, although they share many similarities, they provide different services. So, what does an arborist do? Get an answer to this question and more by contacting our professionals.

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What Is an Arborist?

Arborists are tree care specialists that shape, maintain, and cultivate trees. They help property owners improve the plant’s appearance and can identify diseases that can adversely affect the condition of trees. Arborists undergo extensive training to ensure they can handle any tree care project swiftly and efficiently.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists perform various tasks that improve a tree’s appearance, health, longevity, and more. Their level of knowledge surpasses most landscapers, allowing them to carry out dangerous projects like tree removal safely and without issues. So, what does an arborist do exactly?

Below are just some tasks arborists perform in Fort Walton Beach, FL.


Arborists are pruning experts, equipped with specialized ‘pruning tools,’ that understand the best methods for each tree species, including how to straighten a leaning tree. They know which limbs to prune and where to cut, ensuring optimal health and appearance. Quality pruning, facilitated by the right tools, will help the tree grow and thrive, allowing your property to look amazing throughout the year.

Tree Planting

Planting trees isn’t as simple as many people think. Arborists understand the best location for every tree type, ensuring each plant has the correct soil and water requirements.

Tree Removal

Removing trees without professional training is exceedingly dangerous and can put you and your home at risk. However, removal is essential to ensure hazardous trees don’t create a safety concern. Professional arborists receive additional training that helps them remove trees safely without jeopardizing your property or well-being.

Emergency Care

Diseased trees can infect surrounding foliage and fall prematurely in severe cases. Arborists can diagnose and treat diseases and will help nurture your plants back to health if the illness hasn’t overrun the tree. They will also remove trees in emergency situations when necessary.

Consulting Services

Arborists can develop high-quality garden blueprints and provide second opinions about a tree’s health, planting, and more. They offer expert advice that helps your exterior property be the best it can be.

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