What to Plant Under Pine Trees: 8 Ideas

what to plant under pine trees

Are you wondering about what to plant under pine trees? If you’ve never pondered this question, you probably never had pines in your garden. While these are beautiful plants, they can prove toxic to many pretty ground covers and flowering plants. 

However, some species grow well under pine. In this post, Backridge Tree Service, your reliable arborist services in Fort Walton Beach, FL, will explain more about these in greater detail. 

Why Do Some Plants Battle Under a Pine? 

When you start caring for trees, you learn they create a small ecosystem around them. Some, like Black walnut trees, emit chemicals that are toxic to other plants. Pines are not quite as bad, but they do make the soil more acidic over time. This, and the partial shade, make it difficult for some ground cover plants to thrive under a pine tree.

That said, some perennial plants and other types love these conditions. While you can try to make the soil more alkaline, you’re better off learning what to plant under pine trees. Mother Nature is the best source of inspiration here. 

What to Plant

Here are some plants that will do very well in Fort Walton Beach’s hardiness zone: 

  1. Persian Violet: You’ll see that Mother Nature sprinkles these all over in natural pine forests. They’re hardy, pretty, and love shade, making them ideal. 
  2. Daffodil: Daffodils are perfect for a pop of color and work well in semi-shade. They thrive amongst the needles on the ground and are easy to grow. 
  3. Grape Hyacinth: You’ll also find these dotted around naturally, and they put on a good show. The bell-shaped flowers offer explosive colors that can be quite breathtaking. 
  4. Dwarf Crested Iris: This low-grower is great as a border for a bed under a pine. It has bright green leaves that create a pop of color and has very pretty flowers. Be aware that once you have them, they’ll keep coming up. 
  5. White Trillium: This is a showy flower that is brash and snow white. It’s large, so it’s ideal for taking up a lot of space. It spreads quickly, making it a great option when you have gaps to fill. 
  6. Columbine: Columbines are some of the most rewarding flowers on this list. They’re pretty, have an unusual shape, and come in many colors. They look wonderful in a vase and tend to bloom earlier in spring, breaking that winter dry look. 
  7. Wintergreen: If you prefer a shrub, wintergreen is an ideal choice for color and lush leaves. They are evergreens, but the best part is the pretty berries that the birds love. 
  8. Hydrangeas: These beautiful blooms love acidic soil and change color depending on the acidity. They put on a colorful show for months. 

Need Some Other Ideas? 

Contact our experts to find out what to plant under pine trees and answer other gardening questions. Not sure what an arborist does? We’re happy to discuss this with you. Call Backridge Tree Service at (850) 240-2829 for service in Fort Walton Beach, FL, today!

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