Autumn Tree Care Tips for Homeowners

Proper autumn tree care is one of the best ways to prepare your trees for the coming winter. In this post, Backridge Tree Service, your tree service company in Destin, Florida, explains how to care for your trees from September to November. 


When you understand tree basics, you’ll realize that trees make the food they need to sustain them throughout winter in summer. You can supplement these nutrients by fertilizing your trees in the fall. 

In nature, fallen leaves would remain in place, slowly decomposing and releasing nutrients to feed the tree roots. We like to keep our gardens neat, so we remove these leaves. Fertilization makes up for this deficiency. 

Remove Fallen Leaves

Considering what we just discussed, it seems strange to rake away autumn tree leaves. In nature, this wouldn’t be necessary, as trees would be thriving in their natural environment. However, in an urban environment, the leaves may house fungi. Therefore, removing these is good for your tree’s health and a vital part of autumn tree care. 

Plant Trees

As your professional tree service, we recommend planting new trees in spring or the fall. Planting trees in autumn gives your new saplings a chance to toughen up before winter. It’s also a great way to protect vulnerable trees from the heat of summer or the frequent dry spells we experience in Florida. 


Mulching can protect the tree by retaining soil moisture and insulating the roots from cooler temperatures. Mulch also smothers weeds and can, depending on the type, repel bugs and pests. 

Proper Mulching Techniques

You should ideally mulch the area as far as the tree’s drip line. For large trees, this may not be practical, so lay the matter at least two to three feet around the trunk. Leave a gap between the trunk and the start of the mulch line so you can see the mulch line. You need a layer of between two and four inches deep. 

You can replace the mulch periodically or dig it in, but be careful about the type you choose. It’s not a good idea to use fresh wood chips around saplings as they are too acidic. 


While the trees use less water in fall and winter, they still need a steady supply. You should water the tree deeply once or twice a week. Dribble the water slowly over two to three hours and then move it to another strategic spot for another two or three hours. Repeat one more time. 


Finally, now’s the time to trim away every dead branch you can find. The loss of foliage during this time makes it easier to assess the tree’s structure and make careful cuts. 

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