What Can You Do With a Partially Uprooted Tree?

Severe weather and strong winds can uproot a tree and cause extensive damage to its surroundings. Instead of removing the tree, many Navarre, Florida, homeowners wonder if they can return it to the upright position without causing further harm. That’s why our Backridge Tree Service team created a brief guide explaining how to salvage partially uprooted trees and when they are beyond repair.

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partially-uprooted tree

What Uproots Trees?

Although most trees are incredibly hardy and can resist the natural elements without issue, they can only handle so much before succumbing to damage. Everything from powerful wind gusts to soil erosion can uproot a tree, causing significant damage to its structure as well as your property. Below are just some elements that can uproot a tree:

  • Weak structural integrity
  • Root damage
  • Decay
  • Shallow and/or poor soil
  • Drainage issues
  • Overly compact soil
  • Turbulent weather
  • Tremendous impacts

Can You Restore a Partially Uprooted Tree?

Unfortunately, most large, fully mature trees won’t recover from uprooting since their root systems are incredibly expansive and suffer significant damage. Even if a tree doesn’t experience extensive damage, root system repair and tree stabilization services often carry high prices and require heavy machinery to complete. The tree will also have trouble resecuring itself to the soil, increasing the likelihood of it falling over again.

However, you can restore smaller partially uprooted trees without professional equipment or costly repair services. 

How To Restore a Small Uprooted Tree

Smaller partially uprooted trees won’t experience as much damage as fully-grown trees since they don’t have large root systems or hit the ground with tremendous force. Use the following arboriculture techniques to restore the health and structure of a smaller, uprooted tree.

  • Dig under the exposed root system and remove any damaged roots within the soil.
  • Carefully push the tree upright without damaging the root mass
  • Cover the roots with soil and gently pack the soil to secure the tree in place.
  • Thoroughly water the root system to promote recovery and prevent it from drying out
  • Prune damaged limbs from the tree’s canopy and give it time to heal.

If you follow these steps correctly, your tree will make a full recovery and remain in place for years to come. 

Our arborists offer top-quality tree restoration services and will restore your tree’s appearance, health, and structural integrity at a price that won’t break the bank.

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