The Four Tools for Tree Pruning Professionals Use in Destin, FL

Pruning does more than merely keep plants in shape. Proper pruning encourages healthy growth and helps to prevent disease. However, doing the job right requires expert arborist equipment or specialized pruning instruments.  

As a top-rated tree service company in Destin, we at Backridge Tree Service know all too well about the tree maintenance gear and cutting-edge tree tools arborists use in their trade. Keep reading to learn more about the most essential tools for tree pruning and how tree care experts use them.  

tools for tree pruning

1. Pruning Saws

Pruning saws work well for pruning larger tree limbs that are two to five inches thick. Most standard pruning saws feature a steel blade less than 18 inches long and a handle that would fit securely in the grip of your hand.  

These saws also come in multiple options, such as bow saws and the relatively more compact folding saw. Need to prune in restricted space? Consider a Grecian pruning saw, which features a curved blade.  

2. Loppers  

When the time comes to trim medium-size branches up to about one inch thick, loppers carry the day. Options here include anvil and bypass (scissor-action) blades. The sharp upper blade of an anvil lopper cuts against a square-edged anvil, hence the name.  

Some loppers come with telescoping legs that make it easier to reach higher branches without the hassle of balancing on a ladder. Loppers with a ratchet mechanism help to reduce the effort required to cut.  

3. Hand Pruners/Hand Shears  

These small yet effective tree care instruments fit the bill for pruning small branches and stems up to about ¾ inches thick. Tree care experts use three types of hand shears:  

  • Bypass shears: These scissor-like precision pruning tools feature two curved blades that allow for clean and precise cuts, even at awkward angles.  
  • Anvil Shears: These tools for tree pruning feature a sharp cutting blade that closes against an anvil or flat surface, making them suitable for cutting dead or dried wood.  
  • Ratchet Pruners: These shears feature a ratcheting mechanism that allows you to cut through a branch in multiple steps. They prove resourceful when you need to cut through something without straining your hands and wrists excessively.  

4. Pole Saws  

Pole saws typically feature a large blade or small chainsaw mounted on a pole that allows tree care experts to trim high branches without climbing the tree.   

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Just a handful of tree service companies across the Floria Panhandle offer dependable tree services at affordable rates. At Backridge Tree Service, we’ve served our community for over 25 years, offering a full range of tree care solutions, including:  

  • Tree pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • Tree risk assessment  
  • Master arborist consulting  

Call our Backridge Tree Service team at (850) 240-2829 to request a free quote for tree service in Destin or nearby. Reach out if you need an arborist consultation or want to learn more about the essential tools for tree pruning that experts use. 

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