Do Branches Move Up as a Tree Grows? A Guide for Navarre, FL, Residents

You plant a seedling today, and in a few years, it becomes a beautiful, towering tree. How does this happen? Do branches move up as a tree grows?

Interestingly, as your tree grows taller, its branches don’t move upward. In this blog post, our professionals at Backridge Tree Service, Navarre’s reliable tree service company, delve deeper into the changes in branch position as trees mature. Keep reading for more information. 

Understanding Tree Branch Movement in the Growth Process

When you cut the top part of small plants like grass, the plant will often continue growing, but the severed top part will remain unchanged. That means the plant grows from the bottom, near the ground. 

This is different for trees—they grow from the top. The ends of tree shoots contain specialized cells that form sections known as meristems. 

What are meristems, you ask?

These areas allow a tree to grow taller and branches to grow longer. If you cut the top part of your tree, you’ll remove the meristems, and the tree will never grow taller. 

Since trees grow from their farthest ends, branches developing from the trunk will never rise higher. That means if a branch emerges five meters from the ground, it’ll still be five meters from the ground in the next few years. 

Why Do Branches Often Grow From the Tree Base?

Now that you understand how tree branches shift with maturity, you should also know that one of the many ways trees grow stems from branches sprouting from their base. We can attribute this to various reasons, but it primarily results from some sort of damage or stress to the tree.

When your tree suffers damage, it stimulates new growth from the base in a bid to repair it. Unfortunately, the new growth usually proves weaker than other parts of the tree. This can cause the entire tree to eventually die. 

What Should You Do With Low Tree Branches?

Do branches move up as a tree grows? We’ve talked about tree branch development with growth and seen that branches don’t move up as your tree grows. While you can use the low branches for beneficial purposes like hanging a bird feeder, they often create a nuisance. 

They can block your views, dangerously hang over your driveway, or encourage rodent infestation. We highly recommend removing such branches. A certified arborist can help you with branch adjustments in the course of tree growth to ensure your convenience and safety. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Do branches move up as a tree grows? The simple answer is no. If you still need more information about the dynamics of branches as trees expand, talk to the experts at Backridge Tree Service. 

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