How to Keep Trees Healthy in Destin, FL: 4 Tips

Sustaining healthy tree growth is a must if you always want to have beautiful trees throughout your landscape. Many property owners only seek essential tree care when an emergency arises. Still, knowing how to keep trees healthy can foster excellent growth and promote property safety.

As a premier tree service in Destin, Florida, our Backridge Tree Service team has almost 30 years of experience providing residential, commercial, and municipal tree care services. Below, we outline the best tree care practices for health. 

Importance of Maintaining Tree Healthy

Having trees in different landscapes offers many benefits. These majestic plants provide oxygen and improve the air quality outdoors. They also provide habitats for wildlife, produce food, provide shade for comfort, and enhance the beauty of a landscape. 

Ensuring healthy trees live on your property is the best way to keep reaping the benefits of these plants. Preventative tree maintenance reduces the risk of harmful diseases, improper growth, uncontrolled pest infestations, and other problems that could affect tree health and appearance. 

Best Tips for Promoting Tree Well-Being

If you’re ready to learn how to keep trees healthy, consider these top tips for tree health.

Ensure Your Trees Get Enough Water

Trees need regular watering to ensure their root systems absorb enough water to encourage healthy growth. During hot, dry periods with little rain, ensure young trees under two years old get deeply watered at least once every week. Mature trees can handle deep watering at least once or twice a month under the same weather conditions.

Prune and Trim Your Trees

Tree trimming and pruning are essential for growth, health, and aesthetics. Pruning removes dead, dying, or diseased branches, while trimming eliminates branches encroaching near your roof, utility lines, or walkways. Trimming also improves how a tree looks through strategic cuts throughout the canopy.

Add Mulch Around Trees

Weeds rob trees of vital nutrients in the soil. You can retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth by adding mulch around the base of your trees. A two-to-four-inch layer of mulch can also add nutrients to the soil for the tree. 

Prevent Tree Diseases and Pest Infestations

Pest infestations can cause major problems for trees. Insects like Japanese beetles and emerald ash borers can damage leaves and destroy ash tree bark. 

Tree diseases are also a problem. Fire blight, canker lesions, and leaf rust are just a few of the afflictions your tree can have. At the first sign of unhealthy tree growth, call an ISA-certified arborist to assess the tree’s health and provide an effective treatment plan.

Hire Tree Care Professionals Today

Even if you know how to keep trees healthy on your property in Destin, Florida, it still helps to have a skilled tree care company maintain your trees. Backridge Tree Service is a trusted and reliable tree care service with a board-certified master arborist on staff. Our years of industry expertise and training enable us to provide comprehensive tree care services. 

We have experience with everything from knowing the best soil for trees to providing accurate tree risk assessments—call (850) 240-2829 today for an estimate with Backridge Tree Service. 

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