How To Get Rid of Tree Sprouts in Your Yard in Navarre, FL

Trees are beautiful additions to most landscapes. Nobody wants unhealthy trees filling their yards, but that’s what you’ll get if you allow tree sprouts to flourish where they shouldn’t. Knowing how to get rid of tree sprouts in yards is crucial in maintaining an ideal landscape structure without harming the area’s established trees.

As Navarre’s trusted tree service, our Backridge Tree Service team has over 25 years of experience providing quality tree care services throughout the Florida panhandle. We know how frustrating dealing with yard tree shoots can be, so consult our guide below for solutions.

how to get rid of tree sprouts in yard

What Are Tree Root Sprouts?

Most people don’t know too much about trees, and it’s easy to ignore tree sprouts if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Tree shoots or “root sprouts” are your plant’s attempt at growing new branches. The problem is that these sprouts tend to form around the roots, base, and trunk, which robs the rest of the tree of much-needed water and nutrients.

Unlike tree seedlings, which are new trees, tree off-shoots already come off an established root system. Unless you’re actively eliminating tree sprouts, they will grow. If they spread far enough, they could harm your tree’s health.

Tips on Clearing Tree Sprouts in Yards

Managing yard tree shoots can be as simple as removing them as they emerge. Use handheld pruners. 

When cutting the shoots, aim as close to the tree as possible to prevent regrowth. If you’re unsure about cutting off tree shoots or think your tree might be showing signs of distress, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified tree care service for the following:

  • Tree assessment
  • Expert pruning 
  • Growth inhibitor (if your tree’s shoots are preventing it from growing healthily)

An expert will also help you combat tree damage, infestations, and tree diseases.

How Arborists Prevent Tree Sprouts

Preventing tree sprouting over months and years takes some effort. After learning how to get rid of tree sprouts in yard settings, you might want to consider a chemical inhibitor to keep them from coming up so often.

Store-bought tree shoot stopper products may be effective at preventing sprouts from reforming on the tree. However, it’s imperative to apply the product correctly and monitor the tree closely. If you use too much of the chemical, you could burn, hurt, or kill the entire tree along with its shoots. 

Look for brown or distorted foliage when monitoring your tree after a growth inhibitor treatment. Leaf discoloration and physical changes indicate issues. It’s far better to work with tree care professionals with experience in administering growth inhibitors for tree shoots.

Contact Our Team for Help Controlling Unwanted Tree Growth

Whether you know what an arborist does or not, you can be confident that our Backridge Tree Service professionals know how to get rid of tree sprouts in yards. Our ISA-certified arborists, experienced foremen, and expert tree climbers take guidance from a Board-certified Master Arborist when managing tree shoots, tree risk assessments, and everything else. 

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