Can You Save a Dying Tree in Navarre, FL?

Few things are more frustrating than seeing your tree dying. This is when many property owners start exploring ways to keep the tree alive.

Can you save a dying tree, though? As Navarre’s expert tree service, we can tell you that reviving a dying tree is indeed possible if you spot the issue early enough.

In this post, we’ll cover your options for saving a declining tree.

can you save a dying tree

Find Out Why the Tree Is Dying

Before you start exploring techniques to save a dying tree, you must first figure out why the tree is dying in the first place. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time.

Some of the most common causes of tree death include the following:

  • Disease
  • Pest infestation and tree injuries
  • Poor soil quality
  • Environmental issues
  • Underwatering or overwatering

If you can’t figure out the cause of the decline, you should consider hiring experienced tree care specialists. They will evaluate the issue and then draw up a recovery plan if the tree is still healthy enough to be saved.

If you can figure out why your tree is dying on your own, you can take the following steps to rectify the problem.

Tips for Restoring a Dying Tree

Below is a look at some of the things you can do for some of the most common causes of tree death.

For Disease

You can stop the disease by pruning the affected branches. Be sure to cut into the healthy part of the branch if you want to stop the progression of the disease. Clean up all the dead leaves and the branches you pruned away so the disease won’t reinfect the tree.

If the disease is fungal, you may need to apply fungicides to the affected area.

For Nutrient Deficiency

Can you save a dying tree if nutrient deficiency is the problem? Yes!

Applying balanced fertilizer can give the tree the nutrients it needs to recover and become healthy again. Avoid applying too much fertilizer, though. The tree won’t recover faster in that instance; it will just die.

For Overwatering and Underwatering

Put processes in place to ensure the tree is getting just the right amount of water it needs for healthy growth. Not too much (to avoid root rot) and not too little (to prevent worsening stress). You can create a watering schedule and stick to it. Alternatively, you can install a sprinkler system to automate the process.

For Pest Infestation

A tree dying due to pest infestation is the trickiest to handle. You have to look for the fastest way to stop the infestation without causing the tree more stress.

Ultimately, you’ll have to use chemical pesticides. Follow the recommended dilution rates, and you can avoid harming your trees or decimating beneficial biological life in the area.

Get Professional Guidance From Your Tree Service Experts in Navarre, FL

Can you save a dying tree? Yes, but rescuing a failing tree requires patience and expertise—two qualities our technicians have.

If your tree is sick, contact Backridge Tree Service in Navarre, Florida, at (850) 240-2829 to further discuss the remedies for a dying tree.

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