How To Trim Tall Trees in Destin, FL

If your trees look overgrown and need trimming, should you call a professional or do it yourself? 

Keep in mind that it could be dangerous to climb a tree with a chainsaw or clippers, especially one that’s extremely tall. Safely trimming trees at heights that are above your outstretched arms could pose safety risks. There’s the possibility you could become unbalanced and fall, causing an injury.

If you’re wondering how to trim tall trees safely, contact Destin’s tree services


Types of Tree Trimming

Before you decide whether to DIY your tree trimming job, understand the two main types of trimming. 

First, tree topping cuts the tops off trees in an effort to control their height or to avoid them from hitting power lines. Topping a tree weakens it and makes it vulnerable to insect and pest infestation, which could shorten its life.

If you need tree trimming techniques for height adjustment, pruning is a better option than topping. It takes skill and know-how to properly prune a tree.

The proper method for how to trim tall trees is to avoid making any cuts that are right against the tree. If you cut too close, you could open wounds in the trunk. This could cause damage to the tree by invading bacteria. 

Supplies for Trimming High Branches

You should contact a professional to prune your Destin trees, but if you do decide to do it on your own, here are some tools for trimming tall trees safely:

    • Clippers for pruning
    • A tripod ladder
    • Safety harness

You’ll need a three-legged ladder for better stability. A regular, flat ladder won’t provide the purchase and balance you need. 

The safety harness is to protect you in case of a fall.

Always be aware of your surroundings. When you’re trimming a tree, make sure no other people are walking around the pruning area. If a branch were to break off and land on someone, it could be devastating. 

Why You Should Call a Professional 

Pruning tall trees safely is a job for a professional. They can look at the overall health of your tree and let you know what your options for tree care are. 

    • Knowledge and experience: When it comes to trimming trees, a professional has the knowledge and experience to do it safely. They know what part of the tree is living or dead and know which branches to cut off
    • Tree health: They can also check the health of your tree and make sure it’s growing strong.
    • Uses correct equipment: A professional will use the correct equipment for the job and avoid leaving holes or cutting huge chunks out of your tree

These tips for pruning tall trees should keep you aware of how to keep trees healthy, so they stay beautiful all year round.

When You Need Tree Trimming in Destin, FL

Knowing how to trim tall trees is a skill that our specialists at Backridge Tree Service excel at. Call us at (850) 240-2829 for all your tree trimming needs. 

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