Can I Cut Tree Branches Overhanging My Property in Destin, FL?

If you have a neighbor whose tree branches are threatening to fall on your house, you are probably wondering, “Can I cut tree branches overhanging my property in Destin, FL?”

The short answer is that you can cut them if they hang over your property line. However, you first need to verify that property line and then hire a professional tree service in Destin to cut them for you. 

Using a tree service will save you a lot of heartache by not cutting past your neighbor’s property line. You won’t have to worry about damaging your property or shelling out to replace your neighbor’s tree.

Learn more about what to do if your neighbor’s tree branches are hanging over your property line below.

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What To Do When Your Neighbor’s Branches Hang Over Your Property

You have probably thought, “Can I cut tree branches overhanging my property?” As a property owner, those branches make you worry about your:

  • Family
  • Guests
  • House
  • Car
  • Yard

First, you must realize the tree belongs to your neighbor because it grows on their property. You don’t share it, even if the branches scratch your windows.

In Florida and most other states, you can cut the limbs as much as they hang over your property. But if you don’t know the location of the property line, verify it with city records. If you cut over the neighbor’s property line or cause harm to their tree, you could be liable for replacing it.

The costs of replacing a tree are enormous. None of this will end with happy homes on either side of the property line.

Hiring a Professional Tree Service Can Protect Your Property and Your Interests

Any time you cut a tree, you want to cut it correctly. This allows the tree to heal and grow. There’s so much that people don’t know about trees, even though they think they are helping when they prune or water. After all, many cities make mistakes about which tree species to plant for the area, causing problems that impede tree health. 

And you can’t assume you’ll know how to trim the tree right up to the property line. That takes a lot of skill and experience. When you have problematic trees, you need professionals to deal with them.

Contact Backridge Tree Service for Overhanging Branch Pruning and Other Tree Needs

Backridge Tree Service understands how to safely and effectively trim hanging branches that are overlapping property lines. There’s no need to remove tree burls, which are harmless, but overhanging branches present a danger. You want your tree-cutting jobs done right so you don’t wind up paying to replace your neighbor’s tree or damaging your property.

In the Destin area, allow us to handle those jobs for you. Stop wondering, “Can I cut tree branches overhanging my property?” and let us do it for you. Call Backridge Tree Service at 850-240-2829 so we can get you on the schedule and discuss any other tree needs you may have. 

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