Plant Health Care

The urban environment is hard on trees. Hardscapes, poor soil, improper planting, diseases and pests. Our arborists will prescribe a multi-pronged disease treatment prescription targeted to the type of tree, the specific pathogen, and the site conditions.

Step 1 –Accurately diagnosing the presence of a disease in your tree.

Step 2- Applying field-tested ingredients targeted to the specific pathogens infecting your tree

Step 3 –identifying — and correcting — any conditions in, or around, your tree that make it vulnerable to disease. Our arborists take a holistic approach to disease treatment. They will complement anti-disease applications with any corrective tree care services — such as pruning or soil improvement– that will help prevent disease in the future.

Organic Soil Enhancement- this treatment incorporates our trademark organic humus designed to re-build the organic profile of your soil.

Benefits include improved water holding capacity, greater nutrient retention and availability, increased beneficial microbial activity and better soil structure.

Insect Management – The Backridge Tree Service insect management program can protect your landscape from the damaging effects that may be caused by insect infestation. We begin with a thorough inspection of your landscape, your professionally trained arborist will identify any insect problems and prescribe treatment, along with careful, routine monitoring and proper maintenance. 

Insects commonly target plants that are already in poor health or under stress. Our arborists make it their priority to restore the health of your trees and shrubs, so that they can naturally resist harmful insects. Our objective at Backridge Tree Service is to minimize populations of harmful pests, while maintaining beneficial insects.

Our tree insect management philosophy is to use low impact methods and ingredients to minimize populations of pest insects while maintaining ecological sustainability by preserving beneficial insects.


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